Our nonprofit sector is robust and expansive. Lives are being touched every day. Communities are being transformed. But our collective capacity to prove and to improve our impact is insufficient. To ensure we are doing the greatest good for the communities we serve, we need an enhanced ability to engage in crisp, clear, effective and meaningful evaluation. 

This is a project to make that happen. 

“Project Impact allowed us to change the way we gather and analyze data today; but more importantly, it gave us the tools to embark on a new glide path for richer insight in the years to come.” - Neighborhood Partnerships

“Project Impact has changed the very foundation of our understanding of the capacities and scope of evaluation and its ability to capture the nuanced details of impact while confirming even the most esoteric beliefs about the change and potential of human beings.” - P:ear

"The process of defining our intended impact, building an evaluation framework and internalizing an evaluative skill set gave us an anchor and created an effective lens not only to evaluate the outcomes of programs with more depth, but to assess and inform the choices we make as we navigate the complex systems and execute on our mission." - Metropolitan Family Service

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Project Impact: Learning to Action


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